Turning Your Home Into The Perfect Work Environment

March 25, 2021

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Most of us have gotten used to working at home, but it's not always the perfect work environment. Furthermore, it’s become clear that it’s not something that needs to change, even outside of lockdown. There’s no real need to go into the office every day if it’s something that’s worked just fine from home

Sure, go in for social reasons, but if you can work effectively from home – why shouldn’t you? What matters is that you’re able to get your work done effectively, without causing any problems for where you work. 

The main reason for doing it at home might make that more difficult is the work environment that you have in your home. Today we’ll look at how to make things more comfortable – and productive.

Let’s talk about your workspace!

Sitting on the couch with your laptop is going to wear thin pretty quickly when you start to get a sore neck and realise you spend 80% of your day in the same spot – for work and relaxation! (Oh dear, that's where I am right now!)

Just because you are working from home, it doesn't mean that you have to miss out on all the bells and whistles of a professional office space. You can make it BETTER, and you have all the styling control.

Work From Home Desks

Getting the right set up can be hard at home. Whether strapped for space or you want a flexible, professional option, you can find what you need online.

Create your perfect work space, include sitting and standing options, laptop risers, storage, and more.

Personally, I’m really into light wood or light paint because it makes your space appear bigger. Kinda luxury Scandi style, multi-purpose, sit or stand desks. They’re so on trend.

STYLISH work from home chairs

Seriously, as someone who creates lots of video content, I like to have a few stylish things to pep up my surroundings. Your office chair happens to be the closest thing to the camera asides from you. Soooo here's an opportunity to get stylish.

Check out these drool-worthy stylish office chairs.

Home Office Accessories

No matter where in the house you work, you can always make it look a little more ‘stylish office’ like with some simple accessories.

Coffee making

If you can’t leave the house for whatever reason, for coffee – it won’t matter with this set up! My whole work from home coffee set up is in this kit (plus a few extras).


I would be remiss not to consider the unique work from home attire we collect.  When you’re Zooming into meetings, it doesn’t matter what is on the bottom half! Just so long as you stay sitting down that is.

Stylish Work From Home BOTTOM HALF Collection

Ridding yourself of distractions

One of the main problems with your work environment at home is it's easy to get distracted. There’s no pressure to keep all your focus on work because you are surrounded by the things you own, and family members. If you’re going to stop being distracted while trying to work from home, you should put yourself somewhere away from those distractions! If you have children, being able to go to another room for some quiet is almost essential!

A messy home can also cause distractions, especially if you’re someone who procrastinates. Making sure to take care of any home responsibilities before you try to get on with your work can save you from being interrupted. You don’t have to deal with this in the office, because home responsibilities don't surround you, but you should take care of things before you get started.

Workplace discipline

At home, there’s no one to notice that you’re not doing the work that you’re supposed to be doing, which makes it difficult to keep focused. After all, if you’re not interested in the job, it’s easy to lose focus on it. You need to stop getting distracted by other things around you, like your TV. While you have the freedom to stop doing your work whenever you want to, and instead do something more entertaining – that’s going to cause problems with your employer.

If you want to be able to work from home effectively, you need to make sure that your work environment isn’t too distracting for you. Everything is more relaxed at home, but you need to remember that your home is your workplace too.

Books About Decluttering

Preparing for the summer

Working at home is great, but during summer, you may miss that cool air-conditioned workplace you’re used to going to. If you want your work environment to be the best workplace you can make, be sure to make sure your air-con is installed too! And if not, you’re going to need the number of someone who can install it. If you already have it installed, now’s the time you should be making sure it works. There are companies that offer 24 hour AC repair, so there’s no rush on having that done just yet – but if you’re going to be working from home, you should prepare for the heat!

Portable AC Units

When you spend some time upgrading your work environment, it can become a really nice place to work. You might not ever want to go back to ‘the office’!

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