In this episode I respond to Rochelle, a listener who wonders if she’s doing enough to build and protect wealth, with the financial challenges our current generation of mothers with young families face. My response is hyper-relevant to how we can better prepare ourselves for any current global economic fluctuations.

The rise of the internet and social media means that new doors of income generation have opened to us. How do we take advantage of this in motherhood? What’s the BIGGEST threat to your multiple income stream online business (and how to nullify it from DAY ONE).

Rather than applying maximum effort, when you’re already operating at 110%, you can create space around yourself first, for your ideas to thrive.

What does your financial self care look like? Here are five areas of financial self care that are important for mamas to consider.

How does capitalism and consumerism affect the modern mother, and what you can do to protect yourself from mindless overspending, without major deprivation?

The emotional reasons that propel me and my vision of the motherhood friendly business I’m building. When logic meets emotion, magic happens!

The pros and cons of earning your main income from a 9-5 job as a mother, and other income types more suitable to motherhood in this, the Internet age.

An intro to the podcast Creating Healthy Wealth in Motherhood with Peti Morgan, host of

Your happiness is ESSENTIAL, and therefore, the idea that having money is essential too. Here’s why.

New Zealanders wasted $521,000,000 of FREE MONEY in 2018. Wanna stop that happening in 2019? Read on!