October 2018 online income report. The Leveraged Mama.

October 2018 Income Report

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In October, my fourth month earning income solely from online sources, working from home – I made $649.69.

That means I’ve made over $3,000 since June – working on my laptop, in the comfort of my own home.

Yes, that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what I used to make in my six figure corporate IT jobs. But when you work for an employer, there will always be a cap on the amount of money you can earn in a year.

I have big goals with this blog – and my plan is, until my blog is earning it’s keep, I’ll plug the gaps with offering a valuable service in exchange for money (that service being Virtual Assistance, which to be honest is turning more into making websites which I LOVE). 

How I made $649.69 online, working from home this month

This month was quiet while I waited on bits and pieces from my VA clients. While I could have gone out and hustled for a new engagement elsewhere, I learned pretty quickly when I started offering VA as a service, that I could only focus on a couple of clients at a time.  

My 3 year old is home with me full time still, and we’ve been spending a bit of time at the local kindy, and the gymnasium. I also workout at home most days – but as the weather improves we’ve been spending more time outside.  So I work a couple of hours a day at most.

The space that having some downtime created, made way for me to start learning seriously about SEO – one of the things that I’ve been avoiding because it’s been in the ‘too hard’ basket. But now that I’ve finally admitted that my actual job is ‘blogger’, I know that it’s something I need to know. So I joined Build Blog Freedom which has been 200% worth it so far. 

A little bit more about Build Blog Freedom

Build Blog Freedom is an extensive course about monetising your blog, hosted by Sharon Gourlay. It’s set up as a monthly membership, and open all the time to join (not just during limited launch periods). I’ve been researching blogging courses and many of them are closed right now, which is a little frustrating when you just want to get started. 

The course covers SEO, Affiliate Marketing, and building your own products – which covers a lot of what I want to do on my blog. Because it’s a monthly membership, I can check it out and see if Sharon’s teaching style works for me – and leave if it doesn’t!  I’ve done, and am doing MANY online courses, and have been really disappointed at times with various elements of a course or the teacher/host. So this seems safe. 

So far, I’ve been REALLY impressed with the course content and delivery so can heartily recommend it on to you, if you’re interested in starting a blog, monetising your blog, or offering SEO to your own clients. 

On to my earnings in October.

👉 Virtual Assistance – $450 ($307 USD)

Not much to see here, but it pays the bills. We have a budget shortfall coming up in January, that I’m putting money aside for, so most of it went to that.

👉 Freelance Writing – $149 ($100 USD)

Just my regular freelance writing gig with as part of the Smart Money Squad for GoBankingRates.com.  I’m still enjoying the process of going into an actual bank to bank an actual cheque (but it defeats the purpose a LITTLE with working online).  

👉 NEW: Affiliate Marketing – $51 ($34 USD)

This is a new online income stream for me! When I use Thrive Architect to build landing pages (in fact, whole websites) for my VA clients, they need to purchase a license, so I get affiliate revenue for this. We can call this passive income as I didn’t really do anything except use and promote an awesome tool – which I would have done anyway!

Read more: Beginners Guide to Landing Pages

Total income for October 2018

Income stream NZD USD
Virtual Assistance (service) 450 307
Freelance Writing 149 100
Affiliate Marketing 51 34
Total income for October 2018 $650 $441

Conclusions and expectations for next month

Being that it’s almost Summer in New Zealand, there’s going to be a bit of beach time coming up. This doesn’t mean I’ll work less – I use time blocking to schedule my days, and I’m feeling pretty organised right now. In November I hope to get one more client website live, and make good progress on another – hopefully that one will be live by Christmas time.

In amongst this, I’ll be writing content for this blog, hopefully HELPING other women out there thinking about about creating more flexible income streams, to do just that. 

This month I’m grateful for…

  1. Getting featured on Sorted.org.nz! This has given me exposure to a whole bunch of people who are interested in improving their financial situations. Sure, this means now EVERYONE knows about my financial mistakes but….
  2. I realised that I’m using a ‘gift’ that has been bestowed on me.  That gift being:

    I’m able to leave my ego at the door and talk about my financial mistakes without worrying about what people think.  Honestly – it’s the truth! If you can’t be honest about yourself then who are you trying to be? I’ve accepted that I may lose friends and respect by being totally honest about my financial situation and past mistakes – but I also accept that these friends were earned through fakery (pretending I was someone who I was not), and this respect was too.  So they weren’t deserved anyway.

    Be true to yourself and embrace those that are also being true to themselves. Life is too short to pretend that you're anyone else but yourself.Click To Tweet

  3. Being able to work from anywhere, including in a cafe, with a Prosecco in hand!

    Blogging with a prosecco.

  4. Total ownership of my schedule.  I can’t tell you how freeing this is, to be able to schedule my days according to the weather, what activities my daughter has on, how much laundry there is haha.

    An example of my schedule for the week, working at home.

Until next month!

Learn how The Leveraged Mama made over $600 of online income in October, working from home (and elsewhere!). #makemoneyonline #workfromhome
Learn how The Leveraged Mama made over $600 of online income in October, working from home (and elsewhere!). #makemoneyonline #workfromhome
  • Thanks for being so transparent with your income Peti. It’s quite inspiring as I am currently going through the thoughts in my head of when to quit my stable full time job and make the leap to a full time online business.

  • Aw thank you Caroline!

  • Caroline says:

    LOVE this post, Peti. It’s so brave of you to ‘leave your ego at the door’ and so helpful to others, me included. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to your next blog post!