My Credit Card Was A Money Leak

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I recently contributed a guest post to – a very well known and widely respected personal finance website here in New Zealand.  My post talks honestly (as usual!) about past money mistakes and what I learned.  I'm quick to point out my failures that caused my credit card to turn into a money leak, as EMBARRASSING as they are…

…"I thought that having a credit card was a badge of adulthood. A gold card was even better! Ah, such a status symbol!…" 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Honesty – always honesty

My policy with The Leveraged Mama blog has been total honesty from the beginning. If I really want to help people get out of debt, and positively influence their financial futures, I need to be honest about where I've come from.

I need to show you how mistakes and failures, can actually be turned into one of your biggest assets.

But… once my guest post was published on Sorted, I had a freak out!


Have I overshared?

Well I reckon that depends… There will be people who feel totally awkward about my honesty, and think that I'm oversharing.  I've actually lost ‘friends' over this blog, people who can't just agree to disagree.

While I do care if I make people feel awkward, or upset them with my opinions and stories, I also accept that this will happen, as part of what I'm trying to achieve. 

Because if just ONE PERSON reads one of my shameful admissions about my money stupidity and thinks twice before the do the same thing…. then it is worth it.

It's worth it one hundred times over.

So in the spirit of oversharing, come and revel in my shamelessness over at Sorted!

>> My Credit Card was a Money Leak

My Credit Card was a Money Leak on Sorted. The Leveraged Mama. Pinterest.

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