Motherhood friendly income: testing begins!

Motherhood friendly income. What is that? Let me try to explain… The reason this blog exists, is to help you create more options for yourself in your motherhood. Being quite bright myself, I have figured out that this means you need more money.

Don't feel ashamed of that. This is not about being ‘money hungry' or ‘obsessed with money'. It's a simple acknowledgement that in order to have more options available to you, you need to generate more money, and hold on to more of what you earn.

Motherhood Friendly Income testing begins - The Leveraged Mama.
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But there's just one small, ok LARGE issue…


I know right.

I became a mother after a prolonged period of ‘trying to conceive', miscarriages and IVF.

The year I became a mother was the same year my family had a major, traumatic crisis, and I was made redundant from my job.

It probably won't surprise you then, that after a little sleep deprivation I began suffering from post natal depression.

And then I went back to work.

I went back to work because we had created an enormous amount of consumer debt after running out of money during my maternity ‘leave'.

And that debt needed servicing.

Making the decision to go back to work at that time wasn't the RIGHT decision. It was made because of (a lack of) money.

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So now I've set about fixing that and trying to save other women from the same fate. *Queue angels singing.

Hence this blog, and hence the mission:

Earn more and spend less in motherhood friendly ways.

So here at The Leveraged Mama, we are focused on building up multiple ‘motherhood friendly income' streams, and optimising our spending so that we have… more money!

I wholeheartedly believe, that this combined approach is the answer to financial freedom in motherhood.

And there's this small but very human problem that NONE of us are immune to:

Some of us take a significant amount of time to adjust to change.

We carry on spending like we have the same amount of income, and energy to regenerate that income.

✘ We ambitiously soldier on with our careers as if there isn't a small, tyrannical human now ruling our lives.

✘ We hire cleaners to make our lives easier, even though that means we have to work more to pay for them.

✘ We extend our mortgages to give ourselves breathing space even though that means…. working more and for longer to pay it off.

✘ We look forward to that yearly holiday (um, not in my case) because we are so desperate to ‘escape' our relentless lives.

Enough ok?

I'm calling bullshi# on that arrangement.

You might spend YEARS adjusting to having kids, and when you finally do, THEN THEY LEAVE. If you're lucky. 😉

The other solution

Thankfully, there is another way. Well, there better be – given I just quit my day job to explore this option.

That other way is motherhood friendly income, and conscious, creative money management.

But I'm guessing you're in one of two camps:

  1. You've never heard of passive or leveraged income, and “multiple income streams” means two (or more) jobs. Or,
  2. You know what passive income, and leveraged income is, but ‘there's nothing you have that you could use to create these types of income'.

Well stick around, because I've just started a quest to test out some motherhood friendly income streams, and am on a huge mission to spend less (in motherhood friendly ways).

What is motherhood friendly income?

Motherhood Friendly Income has some or many of the following traits. The more traits of these it has, the more Motherhood Friendly it is:

  • It has a high degree of location independence: That means, you're not tied to working at a certain location - you can work in the location of your choice (or at least, when you need or want to).
  • You can set your own hours: Being able to set your own hours means you have a high degree of flexibility, and can work it around your motherhood - not the other way around.
  • It can generate income without always requiring your time: "Passive income" means that you don't always have to do something active to get paid. Perhaps you put work in initially to set up that passive income stream, but you don't have to continue actively working on it.
  • Your income isn't capped by the amount of hours you can work: You can generate income in other ways than just trading time (working more, working longer hours).
  • The boundaries of your motherhood are respected: No one is frowning on you for working part-time, being off sick with your kids 50 times a year, working from home during school holidays, or leaving on time every day!
  • You can choose your level of stress: Sometimes (okay always), life is serious business! You don't need to listen to Mr Ranty Pants complaining about something really goddamn inconsequential when you've just heard some terrible family news that requires your full, undivided attention. I mean, seriously. You can walk away from that, if you choose.

What else makes an income stream motherhood friendly? Tell me in the comments! 

My new motherhood friendly income streams

In just a few months, I already have 3 income streams:

  • Virtual Assistance
  • Freelance writing
  • Affiliate income

To begin, I'm going to be sharing more about my experience getting set up as a Virtual Assistant, and show you how you can do the same with skills you already have.

The more interest in this I get, the faster I'll hustle so tell me in the comments if you're interested in the process of getting started monetising the skills you already have, mama. I dunno, maybe you have NO interest whatsoever in motherhood-friendlyizing your income streams, and you just want to perch and watch this play out.  Tell me that in the comments 😀 I won't judge.

While virtual assistance isn't passive or leveraged income – I get paid per hour spent – it does have other motherhood friendly traits:

  • I worked from home / anywhere with a decent WIFI connection
  • I could take the school holidays off!
  • I chose the hours I worked
  • I chose who I worked with - and they were awesome!

Til next time…
Peti xox

Monthly Income Reports

I earned my first dollar from online sources in July 2018 (well, quite a bit more than that actually). I've published my online income reports ever since. You can see them here: INCOME REPORTS

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  • Loved the quiz Peti. There’s definitely room for improvement in my life – look forward to more of your tips about getting a better balance!

  • Thanks for this blog and the quiz Peti. I also quit my day job to start my own business and although bloody daunting it was the best decision ever – as it turns out not just for me and my career but also my kids and family. Doing your quiz made me realise just how much better and happier my life is now and the down times are really just adjusting my own expectations to the reality of #mumlife! Thanks for the opportunity to reflect!

  • This is fantastic Peti. I will definitely be following along. Since the arrival of our youngest I’ve been trying to adjust to motherhood friendly income. I’m getting pretty close, but can certainly do with some tweaks.

  • Good on you Peti! I’ve earned mother-hood friendly income for the majority of the 10 years I’ve been a Mum. It’s the bee’s knees! When I had 2 very smalls, I fully saved up enough money for my not-quite-2-year-old and I to fly to England for 2 weeks.
    Now, as you know, I own my own consulting business and husband has joined me fulltime in the biz. We just went away for a 4 day weekend with the kids for school holidays and in 13 days we are off overseas for 2 months. We’d never be able to live this lifestyle without motherhood (and fatherhood) friendly income!
    Are we still working while away, yes.
    But can we work whatever hours we want and wherever we want. Absobloodylutely ❤️

    I worked as a VA for 18 months for a VA company which meant I still had to turn up to work at an office everyday. It made life so much harder.

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