How To Make More Money From The Sale Of Your House

May 20, 2021

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Selling a home is a task that involves wanting the best outcome. If you have poured your heart and soul into the property over the years, you will want to get a good return for what you bought it for. Taking good care of your home will likely increase the price you can sell it at. Although house prices are always going up, it can help to do a few extra things to make more money from the sale of your house. 

Make sure you have finalized repairs before putting the house on the market

When you put your home up for sale, buyers will start to book viewings to look around. Once a buyer becomes interested, they will ask for the home to be closely inspected in case of hidden damages, potential issues, and structural problems. You will want the home to be in the best condition possible to reduce the risk of the buyer asking for a lower price or credits. Repair jobs and ensuring everything is in working order will reduce the risk of being offered less than the asking price. 

Speaking of credit, when it comes to the sale of your house, you will want to make sure you have a good credit score. You will likely be looking to get a new house. A good credit score will help you secure a good mortgage deal. Without a credit score, it can be difficult to assure lenders that you are a low-risk lender. Buddy Loans can help you rebuild your credit history, which is ideal when you are looking to mortgage or remortgage. You can get your property on the ladder sooner knowing that you can guarantee to secure a mortgage deal. 

Declutter and clean

Turning your home into a clean haven will guarantee peak buyers’ interest. Nobody wants to look around a property that is messy or dirty. It can put the buyers off. They will want to envision themselves living there. Thus, decluttering the rooms and cleaning as best as possible before each viewing will increase the chances of the buyer being interested. 

Furthermore, a clean home will likely encourage the buyer to pay the asking price. After checks are complete and the home is still clean and tidy, they will have less to question and worry about. Knowing the house is in good shape, both physically and visually, will increase the chances of your selling your home for a good price. First impressions count when it comes to house viewings.

Leave it fully furnished

Speaking of making a good first impression, the majority of buyers will want the home to be fully furnished. It is difficult to understand the size of the rooms if they are empty. Leaving in your furniture will show the buyers the potential of the home. Even if you have already moved some furniture out, keep some stuff in if possible.

If you know that there is some furniture that you want to get rid of, you can let the buyer know and this could encourage them to offer more for the home. If you leave behind furniture and white goods or even leave the home fully furnished, then buyers will know that you want to offer them more for their money. Thus, they may offer you the asking price or more. 

Keep an eye on the market

The property market is always changing. House prices sometimes go down and sometimes they go up. If you notice that the house prices in your area are going up, then align your price with it. If you ask for a low price you might get more interested but not as much money as you should. 

You may miss the mark and offer a much lower price than you should and once your home is up for a certain price and buyers see it, it will be difficult to withdraw. 

Show as many people the home as possible

You never know who might offer the best price. You could show ten people around and they may all ask for a lower price, then the final one person could offer more. Showing more people around will guarantee you a good price. 

People are always after a bargain. Thus, you might not always get the asking price. But, someone is bound to offer a higher price than someone else, which will mean you will get more by showing around more people.

Time the sale right

Many people suggest that the best time to sell a home is in the early Spring. More people are looking for a refresh around that time. Thus, you are more likely to get the best price for your property due to demand and competition. 

If you sell your home during a season where competition is low, you may even find it difficult to have interested buyers. Waiting it out a few months until the property market picks up again could help you show more people around and get a better offer.

Think about the curb appeal

The first impression of the home counts. So, ensuring your home looks good at first glance is key. When a buyer arrives to view the property, they will most likely judge it by the outside. Your garden, front door, driveway, and porch will make an impression. Keep those areas neat and tidy to boost its curb appeal. 

The visual appeal does not stop at the front garden or driveway. You need to make sure the entranceway into the home is attractive too. Some top tips to boost the appeal of your entranceway are to add fresh flowers, a room diffuser, and ensure it is as clean as possible. Scents and fresh flowers make a huge difference and a great first impression.

When it comes to selling your house, a few simple tweaks and repairs can make all the difference to how much you are offered. Simply tidying the place up and keeping an eye on the market could increase the amount you receive when selling your home.

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