Home-Based Business Ideas For Mamas In 2021

February 24, 2021

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Are you looking for ideas to start your own home-based business?

There’s no doubt that the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has contributed immensely to individual and lifestyle changes.

As a result, it has become essential for business owners to adjust and re-strategise to meet the rapidly evolving business climate. Furthermore, opportunity now exists for many mamas to operate their own home-based business.

According to a New Zealand survey, 80% of businesses are optimistic about their growth prospect in the next 12 months. However, the story isn't the same for individuals, with many yet to recover from the pandemic's effect.

While I'm obviously a huge believer in creating leveraged income streams, I can’t deny there are other options out there that you can explore even with the least of capital investments.

What are some home-based businesses for Mamas in 2021?

💡Here’s a breakdown of some ideas – leveraged income first!

1. Online courses

Package up your knowledge and experience in an easy to digest online course. This is my most favourite way of generating additional income as a mother – because it’s leveraged. Build one product, serve many people with it. If you’re a one on one service provider, you should think about how you can provide that service in online course form.
Over at petimorgan.co I teach biz owners how to DIY their branding photography – because I have multiple brands myself, I need professional looking branding photography on-demand, so I need to be able to do it myself. I packaged some of my photography knowledge into an online course that I can sell again and again.

Get on the waitlist for Your First Online Course.

If you find you’re really good at creating online courses, you can always help others – like Kate from Out of Office and Debbie from Task Diva who help busy biz owners create online courses (brilliant).

2. Virtual Assistance

Speaking of assisting others, if you’re good at business administration and you want to work from home, then a virtual assistance business is perfect for you. I ran one myself for a few months and while I enjoyed it, it wasn’t my zone of genius.

So I now hire a VA (OLIVA) and it’s such an advantage for my business! A good VA is highly sought after and if it’s your zone of genius, it’s a match made in heaven.

3. Digital and content marketing

With every passing day, the internet proves its ever-growing relevance. For so many businesses, it isn't easy to keep pace with the trends and market themselves effectively.

Due to this, digital marketing is always sought after by small and medium-sized businesses who’d preferably outsource than recruit an in-house digital marketing team.

Do you have any internet resources skills like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), pay-per-click, website development, and content marketing? Blog writing, video creation, the list goes on.

If that’s the case, then digital marketing is a great home-based business you should consider. What’s more, is that you’ll have the luxury of working right from home.

Digital marketing is key to business branding, so it’s essential to respond actively to improvements in your customers' advertising strategies.

Social media management involves responding promptly to messages and remarks and not merely scheduling posts. Other forms of digital marketing also include affiliate marketing.

I can think of SO MANY digital marketing businesses who operate their businesses from home – Gemma Knight Writes – Blog & Content Marketing, Shout & Co. – Digital Content Marketing, Essentially Art Osbaldiston Lane – Marketing Solutions, Zig Zag Creative, Your Virtual Fit, Red Feet Video, Essential Media

4. Financial advisory services

Judging by the amount of monetary wealth circulating, it’s difficult to overlook the idea that more individuals are getting richer every day, which explains why they’ll require financial planners to help them manage their funds.

While employment rates are expected to remain relatively unchanged up to at least 2023, the demand for financial advisory is expected to see an increase until 2028!

This is something that can also be done from home. In fact, you can have a thriving financial home-based business – like my own accountants SMYD Accountants.

Retirement Taylor Made and Cliffe Consulting are also financial advisory business operating from a home base!

5. Dropshipping

Do you know that not all e-commerce websites store their products onsite?

Individuals trading on e-commerce websites counts on third-parties to deliver on their orders.

The third-party, usually an individual or business entity, operates a shipping or warehouse business.

Because of this, the tools and inventory you need to start dropshipping are minimal, making it an incredible home-based business idea for even persons with limited space and overheads to worry about.

6. Medical courier service

Do you own a reliable vehicle and have good time management skills?

You may consider starting a courier service, especially a medical one.

You’d be responsible for conveying medical items like prescription drugs, lab specimens, and equipment.

With the increasing focus and expansion in the healthcare industry in the last few months, a medical courier service could be a great piece of business.

You can either go solo or recruit other drivers to work for you. Courier services earn an average of $45,000 before tax and up to $130,000 grossly during busy runs in New Zealand.

Would this qualify as a ‘work from car’ business? πŸ˜‰

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