February 2019 Online Income Report

March 13, 2019

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After last month's income report, you'd think I'd have gone and hidden under a rock, closed down my blog, and started looking for a 'real job'.  

It was bad, but it may not be the worst yet.  

As you may know though, this is all a part of my strategy!  

I want to show you the ups and downs of creating a business working from home, earning money online.  As embarrassing as the downs might feel for me, they still must be shared because this is real world stuff!

👉 Skip straight to the income summary.

Mark my words, when I post my first $10,000+ monthly income report, I'll be referring back to my poorest performing months to remind you where I've come from.  Because when YOU have a crap month, you can look at MY crap months and think - it's ok. It's just part of the process.
February 2019 online income report. The Leveraged Mama.

In the Website Design/VA biz

In late January, I quoted for a website design & development package, and the quote was accepted. This is the first 'package' I've sold, where the prices and timelines are fixed.  It's working well so far. 

Because this client is based in Australia, I set up an Australian bank account within my Transferwise account, and this meant that that my Australian client could pay via her internet banking, to an Australian bank account.

The only other option I would have used is Paypal, but they charge a 2.9% fee AND conversion fees, for every transaction. Transferwise doesn't - just conversion fees when you want to move money from one bank account to another (if I wanted to move it to my NZ account and use the money).

Personally I don't think Paypal has a great fees model (the more YOU earn the more YOU pay them), so I'm really happy to have another option of accepting international payments, with Transferwise.

I currently have clients in New Zealand, Australia and the United States - so it's important that this is easy and low cost for both me and my clients.

So my new client paid her first instalment (of three),  and we worked together to get the look and feel of the site sorted - fonts, imagery, colour palette.  By the end of that piece of work, she had a clear idea of the content she needed to write for the website,  and the types of photography she'd need to have taken, that would work well on the site.

In the meantime I'm sitting like a nesting chook on another client website - we've been working together since June last year on their new website, but we've taken things at their pace, which I'm fine with.  They're building their business and raising a family at the same time - so some flex is appropriate! 

I've quoted for two other websites, and am in the process of quoting for another.

The summary is: Write your dreams down! It really does help!

Here's why you NEED to write your dreams down. Because it makes them come true! 

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In The Blog Biz

On the blogging side, my current goals are to grow my visibility and traffic to 25k sessions a month (they're currently averaging 2k sessions a month).

How I'm working towards this is firstly by learning how to properly SEO (search engine optimize) my website and the content on it.  I've just completed Build Blog Freedom with Sharon Gourlay, which was a super comprehensive programme about SEO and other ways to grow your blog income.  If you look at older posts of mine vs. newer posts, you may not notice by reading, but the newer ones are 'properly' SEO'd. It's already paying off, as I'm getting organic (free) clicks from Google Search. That means my content is easier to find.  If you can't be found on the internet, then you pretty much don't exist! It's important.

Secondly, I make a point to guest post on sites that are likely to have my audience. In February I had posts published that drew quite a bit of traffic and sign ups:  

> Sharesies, talking about getting my 3 year old started with investing, and bit about my own journey with investing: My first time investing—#21

> Vital Dollar, talking about how I make money online, as a web designer: How to Make Money as a Web Designer

February 2019 Income Report

Income streamNZDUSD
Website Creation (service)$1,322$907
Freelance Writing00
Affiliate Marketing$155$106
Total income for February 2019$1,477$1,013

Things I'm grateful for this month

I got sick with a chest cold this month. With a daughter in kindy and having had a history of asthma, it doesn't take too much for a bad cold to turn sinister with me.  So I totally appreciated being able to continue my work under a blanket, on the couch!  

Honestly, having to haul your ass into the office when you're sick - not too sick that you can't work, but sick enough to warrant lying down - just sucks.

I swear, that because I was able to work from the couch for a few days, I got better faster.


Conclusions and expectations for next month

You know that multiple income streams thing that I bang on about?  Well it's great and I still believe in it - having multiple, diverse income streams helps to protect you from things like long term illness, redundancy and burn out.  But actually GROWING those multiple, diverse income streams is something best not all done at once!!

Now I can say from experience, that I think you really need to focus on growing ONE income stream at once.  Learn everything you can and DO everything you can with the time and focus you have available, to grow that income stream.

I've been growing service based income streams (VA, website creation and writing),  and affiliate income, but most of the work that I do goes into product development -  much of which you haven't had the opportunity to see yet!  

In a perfect world, I'd be able to focus ALL of my time on product development, but as it's not yet income generating, I can't. I still need to generate funds to grow the business.

What I can do however,  is FOCUS FURTHER. 

What that means to me is:

  1. I will focus on ONE income generating task (website creation)
  2. I will focus on ONE product under development (my first online course: Practical Manifesting). 

That sounds like just a few things - great start BUT... I also read and study copiously!

Currently I'm enrolled in SIX online courses (that I can count off the top of my head), I'm reading about SIX books (listening on Audible, reading on Kindle, and reading physical books). 

Then there's the podcasts...  don't get me started.

SO... I've decided to focus on just TWO of these courses, and I've chosen them because they're immediately applicable to the product development I'm focusing on.  

B-School  is helping me to hone my focus and create a profitable, successful business. ​

Thrive Theme's Course Craft (with the genius who is Shane Melaugh) is helping me to actually build and market my first online course/programme (part of that profitable, successful business!)

How do I do all this when I only really have about 10 hours a week to work uninterrupted?

WELL.... you should totally follow my Instagram stories, as I've started sharing more about what I get up to in my online biz.  Hopefully my stories might be useful and encouraging to you.

Do you have any questions for me - is there anything missing that you'd like to know more about?

Monthly Income Reports

I earned my first dollar from online sources in July 2018 (well, quite a bit more than that actually). I've published my online income reports ever since. You can see them here: INCOME REPORTS

Thrive Themes & Plugins

I use the whole Thrive toolset to build landing pages, whole websites, quizzes, opt-ins and more, on this blog, and on many client websites too.


I use PocketSmith to track my finances. It hooks up to live bank feeds globally. Find out more about it here


I use Trello to manage my tasks - business and personal.

Creative Market

I use Creative Market to source design elements, fonts & more. Get 6 free design goods EVERY WEEK when you sign up.

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