Downsizing Families: Your House, or Your Life?

This is a collection of inspirational stories about families who have downsized their house, in favour of a better lifestyle. It's my hope that it will inspire and encourage Mamas out there who are considering downsizing.

Here are stories from Mamas who have done it, and have come out the other side in one piece - and happier as a result.

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Save Money, Live Better: Make The Biggest Impact On Your Finances
Saving money is more than just skipping your daily cafe latte. To save money, live better and see real results, you have to make impactful changes. Here’s how.
Downsizing Families: We're living small so we can move to Spain
Emma's family own two houses, but they're living in the small house so that they can move to Spain!
Downsizing Families: We travel full time, we live on a BOAT
Michelle Schroeder-Gardner downsized to live on a BOAT with her husband & dogs. Together they travel full time with her location independent business.
Downsizing Families: Mortgage free and travelling
The loss of a treasured family member triggered this family to get mortgage free, and spend their time and money on the stuff that really mattered.
Downsizing Families: We live on a BUS!
Downsizing Families - Your House or Your Life? In this guest post by Amber of Bus Life NZ, she shares her family's amazing story of downsizing - to live on a bus! Could you live on a bus? You might want to after reading this!