August Income Report

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Last month was the first month my side hustles brought in any income, so I started sharing income reports with you.

This could be a very bad idea. WHAT IF I FAIL?

Well if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that failure doesn’t bother me.

Failure only sucks if you don’t take any lessons from it.

I fully expect that some of the income streams I’m building, will fail. But I also fully expect some of them to succeed! And it’s the ones that do well and are motherhood friendly, that I’ll continue to nurture.

A drop in income

August brought in less income than the first – for two reasons:

  1. I’m looking after my mum who had a cancer scare this year. She just had further surgery (and is doing really well now!). Quitting my job meant that I was able to come down and care for her without worrying about how much annual leave I had. But it also meant I had to dial back my hours on all my side hustles.  That’s a massive perk of working for yourself!
  2. While I was away my second cheque for freelance writing turned up in the mail, so I haven’t been able to bank it!  September will see a bump in income from freelance writing because of this.  Yes, they send me a bank cheque, and, I kinda like that.

Virtual Assistance – $462.50 ($305.34 USD)

I was excited to get my first client site live this month. I worked with an Auckland building company to revamp their website and their feedback made me feel super proud!

My husbands construction website was something we were once ashamed of but Peti has turned this into something slick and professional that we are now so proud of.

Another client I’ve been working with a couple of months now said:

We’re really appreciative of having you on our team.


Aw, feels...

Honestly this is what I’ve been missing! Making a difference and making people happy!

When you’re a mother so much of your time is spent selflessly giving to others with little thanks – so it’s important, in my opinion, to be in a job that you feel super valuable in.

So you could say I’m pretty happy with that feedback, and I want to keep working with awesome people like that!

Total income for August 2018

Income stream NZD USD
Virtual Assistance (service) 462.50 305.34
Total income for August 2018 $462.50 $305.34

Conclusions and expectations for next month

In August, I focused on getting a better balance between blogging, business building, writing, VA work, family, and taking care of myself. I started a “30 day ab challenge” with Kate and have been working out at least once a week with Kirstyn. I’ve also been meditating – over a month every day and I definitely think this is helping me to focus, and find calm amongst the chaos that is life with a toddler.

This month I’m grateful for…

Being able to fly down South and look after my mum when she’s needed me, has been an absolute blessing. Unfortunately my husband got REALLY sick while we have been away, and I think he’s been missing us a fair bit.  But we head home this week and I can switch my focus to our little family again.

Thrive themes!! Thrive Architect is the content builder I use to create websites in WordPress.  It makes it SO easy to throw a website together and it’s so customisable – things have certainly come a long way since I started out in the web industry 15 odd years ago.  I’m neither a professional designer or developer, but I can create hot looking websites with very little fuss.

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  • Brenda says:

    Love your sharing – thanks Peti. Hope hubby is better and you enjoyed your time with mum, despite the circumstances.