Affordable End Of Year Gifts For Teachers That They’ll Want And Like

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Buying end of year teacher gifts can be stressful. Especially as we all know teachers are a fantastic bunch. It takes an exceptional kind of person to devote their time and energy to caring for and expanding the minds of a group of children day after day.

Add a global pandemic and having to adapt to the demands of remote schooling to the mix, and you’ll agree that they really do deserve a prize!

Many parents want to find a way to say thank you to their kids' teachers at the end of the year, but it can be challenging to know what gift to choose.

But what can you get a teacher that shows you appreciate them – without adding to the financial stress that is Christmas for many families?

Don’t stress – I’ve got it covered for you.

Read on for a list of good end of year teacher gifts that you can grab to say, “thanks a bunch.”

Affordable End Of Year Gifts For Teachers That They'll Want And Like

Firstly, Ditch The Pressure

Choosing the perfect gift can feel like a lot of pressure sometimes, particularly when you’re searching for someone you may not know so well.

Of course, you want to get something they’ll love and use, but you still want something that is affordable and not too extravagant. So, what to do?

Firstly, ditch the pressure! Teachers do not expect gifts from their students (or parents of their students.) In fact, they would be gutted if they learned you were stressing out about what to get them or having to cut back on your essentials to buy them something nice.

Trust me; teachers aren’t in the profession for the monetary gains. Don’t get me wrong, like everyone, they appreciate the sentiment behind any gift, but there is zero expectation of receiving one.

I don’t need gifts. I absolutely appreciate them, but hate when people feel there is an expectation. Sharing someone’s baby with them for a year is a privilege.

Lisa – Teacher, Wellington

What Gifts Do Teachers Really Like?

There’s no generic, one-size-fits-all gift that every teacher will adore, but there is a general theme that seems to be popular amongst the profession. Good end of year teacher gifts are simple and personal.

As Lisa says, “Actually, a well-considered and personal card is sometimes way more meaningful and valued – that’s me, anyway.”

Christen agrees:

My colleagues and I love to receive personal gifts, like a wee plant/succulent with a note saying something like, ‘thanks for helping me grow this year’ or a unique little decoration to hang on the Christmas tree. It reminds us of them every year.

Christen – Teacher, Melbourne

Sometimes, the very best gifts are those that cost nothing at all.

How about putting your kid’s creative talents to good use by commissioning them to make a card or write a thank you letter? You may feel like it’s not enough, but the biggest reward for teachers is seeing their students thrive and grow.

Knowing they’ve made a difference in a young life is a huge reward. So receiving a sweet, personal letter from a student thanking them for doing just that can be more touching than a box of chocolates or a generic coffee cup to add to their collection.

End of Year Teacher Gift Suggestions

Good end of year teacher gifts don’t have to be extravagant. Going over the top may feel like a fantastic way to show gratitude, but receiving an expensive present from a parent can feel awkward. Teachers may feel like there’s an expectation to favour that student, and it can put pressure on families that don’t have so much to spend, making them feel as if they can’t compete.

So, forget about breaking the bank, and focus on sticking to your budget. There are plenty of great gifts out there that will delight any teacher.

Here are a few of my favourite ideas – all from small NZ businesses so we can keep spreading the love this holiday season!

1. A Cute Pot Plant

Say thanks for helping grow my kid by gifting them something else that grows! Indoor pot plants are a fantastic idea and can be used in the schoolroom or at home. I love the range available online at The Plant Project.

2. Page Holders For Summer Reading

Okay, perhaps not every teacher loves to read, but even if they’re not avid book-lovers, they still need to peruse a textbook now and then! Help them do some more easily while keeping their hands free with this super cute range of page holders from Aphrodite Creations.

3. Handcrafted Accessories and Homewares

You can never have too many scrunchies or tea towels, right? Especially if they come with cute custom designs. There are some fantastic, budget-friendly options over at Missy Jackson, including stylish face masks.

How about a tote bag to help them carry their teaching supplies to the classroom or their sunscreen and towel to the beach over the holidays? Sandra Waine has some beautiful handprinted options to browse.

4. Trinkets And Treasures

Have you spotted your teacher recipient wearing funky earrings during a zoom? Feast your eyes upon the range of treasures at Misty Rose Designs. There are some fantastic earrings to choose from, as well as sweet little trinket trays and bowls – all priced affordably.

Jaded Seas have the prettiest little ear studs that are super affordable too.

5. Portable Hydration Devices

Everyone needs to stay hydrated, right? Help your favourite teacher keep their fluids up with a stylish, eco-friendly water bottle that they can take on the go. The range at All Natural Mums is particularly stylish.

Or try this cute little stainless steel rainbow goblet from Bento Ninja.

If they have a fancy bottle already, perhaps a custom name decal from Baby Box will be a nice addition?

6. Summer Foodies

How about this delicious Tandoori past from Dolly Mumma, or this jar of 8 ‘vegan, paleo, gluten-free, low sugar' Amazeballs in a reusable jar from Snackpack?

Just remember, if you choose or create something from your heart, your child’s teacher will love it! And if you do choose to give a gift, something thoughtful will be incredibly appreciated.

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