6 Perks of Working at Home

September 17, 2018

I quit my day job a few months ago, and have spent the last couple of months working at home, slowly building up multiple ‘motherhood friendly' income streams. 

In July and August I earned a little money from these side hustles.  I had a few shower thoughts (haha) about the different perks of that working from home presents, and thought I'd share them with you! 

Are you thinking of quitting your day job and building a business an empire from home? Or is debt holding you back?

Onto the perks!

Perk # 1: No spend? No problem!

When you work at home, you greatly reduce the challenge to not spend money! No lunchtime ‘window shopping', bookshop browsing, toyshop visits, cafes, etc. etc. etc. No spend? No problem!

Perk # 2: Commuting

Need I say more! There are so many better things to do with your time and money than commute. City jobs are becoming old school!

Perk # 3: Laundry

Laundry isn't an issue for me anymore, after quitting my day job and starting a business I run from home, I can chuck a load on a couple of mornings a week, and get it dry, and folded, and put away – without the mad scramble on the weekend. Totally appreciate this perk.

Perk # 4: Having time to paint your nails

I never had time to preen when I was juggling a part time job, debt and motherhood. Now that I work from home I can make time for preening! I own my schedule like I never have before. Love it!

Perk # 5: Online workouts

Who needs a gym membership when you can work out at home, online with pro personal trainers? That's one of the perks I REALLY like about working from home. I can work in my gym gear! Wahoo!

Perk # 6: Sleeping in

I haven't set an alarm since I quit my day job. It's not that I'm sleeping in, it's just that I'm not panicking about getting out of the house by a certain time. It's a REALLY nice change. And I CAN sleep in if I want, too! Bonus…

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