Hi, I'm Peti...

Well hello there mama! Thank you for dropping by. I'm Peti Morgan - a mum/mom from the beautiful island nation of New Zealand. 

This blog exists to help you create more financial freedom in your motherhood, by teaching you how to do these two things:

  • 1
    How to optimise your spending (in motherhood friendly ways - a girl's gotta eat).
  • 2
    How to create flexible, online income streams meaning you can work anywhere, when it suits you.

Using a combination of these two strategies has enabled me to quit my corporate IT job, despite having yucky consumer debt to pay off, and big financial goals.

Having flexible income streams mean that I have so much more control over my time: how I spend it, who I spend it with, and how much I spend on MYSELF.

It's my goal with this blog to help other mothers like you, have the freedom to choose when and where you work, and if at all.

Because juggling parenting, a career, and debt - is hard. Sometimes you just need a break from that!

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Turn Your Clutter Into INCOME

I created my business from the proceeds of selling things I no longer needed.  It's something I do every few months - declutter and sell stuff - so it's something I've become very good at.

I've recreated my process in a handy guide, with a BONUS sales board so that you can easily keep track of everything you want to sell.

If you need to generate some cash fast, you need this guide.

I write about my past and present financial situation with complete honesty. I share true and sometimes embarrassing stories, and the lessons that have come from them.  I also share my income reports every month, to show you how and where my income is coming from.

Here are some of my most popular posts:

Get The Debt Reduction Cheat Sheet

"I really want this debt free journey to be a long one".

- Said no one, ever!

If you're trying to pay off debt, it can be a long, difficult journey.  And the longer the journey, the easier it is to get distracted, fall off the wagon, and self-sabotage! Check out these 9 strategies for paying off debt faster - they've worked for me and they will for you too.

Presented as a handy printable checklist.