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Hey there! I'm Peti

I believe that the path to financial freedom for mamas, is through the creation of leveraged income streams, and a healthy money mindset. 

I'm often surprised at how few of us mums understand the value of creating leveraged income streams in motherhood. 

In my opinion it is the most suitable income for motherhood. Leveraged income means more money, yet less work. But why?

Find out exactly WHAT leveraged income is, WHY it is most suited to motherhood and HOW it could provide you with the financial freedom you seek.

Cover of the ebook - A guide to motherhood friendly leveraged income.
This free guide covers:
  • What is leveraged income?
  • The difference between passive, leveraged and residual income
  • Why is leveraged income best for motherhood?
  • Examples of motherhood friendly leveraged income products
  • Leveraged income creation in a nutshell

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In week 1 of a minimum 4 week COVID-19 lockdown in NZ, the challenges of working from home with my family, and the positives to this crazy situation too.

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How we’re using Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball method to pay off our debt – with a few amendments to make it more sustainable a.k.a. healthier!

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In this episode I respond to Rochelle, a listener who wonders if she’s doing enough to build and protect wealth, with the financial challenges our current generation of mothers with young families face. My response is hyper-relevant to how we can better prepare ourselves for any current global economic fluctuations.

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