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Hey there! I'm Peti Morgan! Podcaster, blogger, online business coach.

I created The Leveraged Mama to educate mums about what I believe helps create financial freedom in motherhood: the creation of leveraged income streams, and fostering a healthy money mindset.


I've put together a helpful guide that sums up what leveraged income streams are, and how they can help you.  

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The latest on the blog

There’s something attractive about having the stress taken out of nightly meal planning. But how do you know which food box is the right fit for your family?

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In 2017 I wrote about how bad credit card debt is, and presented my case against them. Do I feel the same way in 2020? Do I have a credit card today?

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In week 1 of a minimum 4 week COVID-19 lockdown in NZ, the challenges of working from home with my family, and the positives to this crazy situation too.

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