The Leveraged Mama

The Leveraged Mama. Earn More, Spend Less. Motherhood Friendly.
The Leveraged Mama. Earn More, Spend Less. Motherhood Friendly.

Want more options in your motherhood?

Want more options in your motherhood?

(Hint: You're going to need more money).

Don't let a lack of money limit your options in motherhood.

Hi, I'm Peti, and I'm a mama creating more options for myself and my family.  

Peti Morgan - The Leveraged Mama.
Bronni Page.

Bronni Page

I love this Peti as it’s so REAL! Love that you walk your talk 100%. Wonderful advice.

EARN MORE. The Leveraged Mama.

Motherhood Friendly Income

Are you generating income that doesn't require your presence? If 100% of your income comes from a job that trades hours for dollars, then your only option other than receiving a pay increase, is to work more hours.

This isn't motherhood friendly because the flip-side is, if you work less, you earn less.

Would you like to create multiple income streams?
Passive income. Leveraged income. You know, not just a day job.

Conscious, Creative Money Management

Motherhood Friendly Income is only one part of the Leveraged Mama equation. It doesn't matter how much money you make. It's what you do with it that counts. 

SPEND LESS. The Leveraged Mama.

Do you want to be debt free? 
Would you like to have a worry-free financial future? 
Me too.

The Leveraged Mama logo.

Become a Leveraged Mama

Motherhood Friendly Income
Conscious, Clever and Creative Money Management

Find financial freedom.
Are you with me?

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