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The Leveraged Mama

Creating Healthy Wealth in Motherhood

Make modern motherhood work for you with motherhood friendly income, mindful spending and smart investments of your time and money.

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A Quick Guide To Motherhood Friendly Income

Download this free guide to find out:

  • WHAT leveraged income is
  • The DIFFERENCE between passive, leveraged and residual income
  • WHY leveraged income is great for working mothers
  • EXAMPLES of motherhood friendly leveraged income generators
  • Leveraged income CREATION in a nutshell.

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What we talk about here

'Motherhood friendly' income

A full time job isn't the only way to earn a buck, here are other, more motherhood friendly income types you need to know about!

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What Is Leveraged Income And Why Is It Perfect For Motherhood?

Are you a mother looking for financial freedom away from the 9-5? Leveraged income may be the answer. Find out what it is and why it’s perfect for you here.


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Mindset shifts for a wealthier life

How you think about money is the most important thing to improve when you want to create a more abundant financial landscape for yourself. Shine a light on the beliefs that are holding you back.  

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Is Your Money Mindset Affecting Your Bank Balance?

Is a poor money mindset negatively affecting your bank account balance? The Leveraged Mama shows you exactly how to change that by reframing your money beliefs.


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Mindful spending

What's the point in earning more money if you're leaking it out the wazoo on things that don't ultimately bring you joy? Explore clever ways to hold on to more of your cash.

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Money Leaks: The Ultimate Guide To Finding And Plugging Them!

Trying to get ahead financially but feel like you’re getting nowhere fast? You may be suffering from money leaks! Discover how to find and plug them here.


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I'm Peti Morgan

I'm a New Zealand mum who has ADHD. This essentially means that I'm in a perpetual state of overwhelm; spending too much and saving too little; and doing everything possible to find calm and avoid boredom!

After experiencing postnatal depression and crushing consumer debt at the same time, I decided that there must be a more motherhood friendly way to generate income - and that's how The Leveraged Mama blog came about.

Through this blog I aims to educate and inspire other mums seeking an easier more abundant motherhood.

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